I walk dogs daily (except Saturdays) and each walk lasts for one hour.

As a rule, I do solo (one to one) walks ... although there are plenty of opportunities to  meet other dogs in the parks and woods!

I am local to Danson Park which has a good combination of large open spaces and more wooded areas ... ideal for exercise and stimulation for your dog. As the park is large there are not large groups of dogs in a confined area. Other areas I currently walk are: Stevens Park, Oxleas Wood, Eltham Park & Shepherdleas Wood. Alternatively, I am happy to walk your dog around the roads. If you have a favourite place for your dog's walk then let me know.


If we walk in the park or woods then I will walk your dog on the lead - unless you specify that you would prefer him/her to be walked off the lead. I will aim to fit in with your favoured time for your dog's walk.

If an hour is a little long for your dog then I am happy to spend the remainder of the time playing, or perhaps practising training routines with your dog. Also if the day is excessivley hot, then the walk can be shortened accordingly.


I can walk all dogs - big, small, young and old - as long as they are not aggressive.

I will have spare leads, collars, towels, plus water (if a warm day).

If you arrange a dog walking service then I will meet with you and your dog beforehand so we can get to know each other and I can collect some details regarding both your dog and yourself. 


1 hour walk:    £12     (Every day, except Saturdays)

1 hour walk (two dogs):    £15